Swim School Price List

Our tip:
Try a special package of 10 lessons, to find out how much progress your kids can make thanks to the Swim Smooth method. This option is only available for each program only once, so feel free to try our methodology under favorable conditions.

We accept payments through Benefity and Benefit Plus

Lessons take place during the public hours of any swimming pool in Prague. In the premises of the swimming school and club the price includes the coach´s pool entrance fee. Rent of a private lane can be arranged upon request and pool operater price list.


swim smooth  czech members

Full video analysis  90 min 3 500 CZK 4 000 CZK
Basic video analysis 2 000 CZK 2 500 CZK
On-line video analysis 1 500 CZK 2 000 CZK


Swim Smooth Czech members Others
Individual training is led by licenced Swim Smooth Coach, author of Swim Smooth Junior, Head Coach and founder of Swim Smooth Club
1 lesson/ 60 min One to One Profi 2 000 CZK 2 500 CZK
1 lesson / 60 min Friends Profi 2 500 CZK 3 000 CZK


Individual swimming takes 60 min and is provided by Czech Swimming Federation certified coaches who are internally trained in Swim Smooth methodology. Coaches with Trainee-status are in the Swim Smooth internal educational process.

Number of lessons CZK/ lesson CZK/ total
INDIVIDUAL TRAINEE/ 1 lesson/ 1 pers. 1000 CZK x
  • Subscription 10 lessons/ 1 pers.
900 CZK 9 000 CZK
INDIVIDUAL TRENÉR/ 1 lesson/ 1 pers. 1 200 CZK x
  • Subscription 10 lessons/ 1 pers.
1 100 CZK 11 000 CZK
INDIVIDUAL TWO FRIENDS/ 1 lesson/ 2. pers. 1 600 CZK x
  • Subscription /10 lessons/ 2 pers.
1 400 CZK 14 000 CZK
INDIVIDUAL FAMILY/ 1 lesson/ 3 pers. 1 800 CZK x
  • Subscription 10 lessons/ 3 pers.
1 600 CZK 16 000 CZK

INDIVIDUAL FAMILY/ 1 lesson/ 4 pers.

2 000 CZK x
  • Subscription 10 lessons/ 4 pers.
1 800 CZK 18 000 CZK

INDIVIDUAL FAMILY/ 1 lesson/ 5 pers.

2 200 CZK x
  • Subscription 10 lessons/ 5 pers.
2 000 CZK 20 000 CZK


700 CZK x
  • Subscription 10 lessons/ 1 pers.
600 CZK 6 000 CZK


swim smooth  czech members


1  written training

200 CZK

300 CZK

We issue vouchers for any number of lessons according to the valid price list. Vouchers are always valid for three months from the date of issue.


60 min/ group  

 5 000 CZK




What you should know before you buy season tickets to 10 individual lessons?

Depending on the time and availability of your chosen swimming coach you choose a regular time, date and place of the swimming pool for your lesson. Your personal swim coach reserves your chosen dates for your lesson only. The number of of lessons can range from 1 to several times a week. In practice, this means that you buy a ticket for 10 times to be used in 12 weeks. In case of illness, business trips or vacations so you can cancel lessons 2 and re-book another day is, so long as apprentices to 24 hours prior to the lesson. Refunds and rescheduling lessons are possible according to the availlability of each individual coach. 

What you should know before you buy season tickets to the 10 group lessons or semi-annual subscription program RESHAPE, REVISE, REHAB?

Do you want to try one lesson or attend irregularly? Choose a one-time admission fee of 900 CZK / lesson.

Are you thinking about swimming for a longer period of time, but still do not know whether you want to purchase the entire semester? Choose a discounted ticket for 10 lessons at a price of 700CZK per lessons, which will be valid  for 12 weeks. In case of illness or holiday, you can move 2 lessons, but any further cancellations will result in lessons being forfeited. Lessons must be cancelled 24 hours in advance. This option is available for each program only once in customer history.

In the case that you know you will train regularly, you pay a maximum of discounted subscriptions for the entire semester (18 lessons) for 500 CZK / lesson. With these lesson the unused subscription lapse. One can arrange for compensation in a group program.


Swim Smooth Voucher Rules

  1. The Voucher is valid for 3 months from the date of payment in cash, or after the final payment on the Provider's account.
  2. The Client is obliged to order at least one lesson from the Swim Smooth swim school within 3 months from the date of the validity of the purchased voucher, otherwise the Voucher expires. The lessons may take place after the expiry of the voucher if the lesson iare properly ordered before the date of the validity.
  3. The Provider is obliged to provide the Client applying for the voucher, three possible dates for every lesson and the Client is obliged to choose from the Provider´s offered dates.
  4. In the case that the Client does not select any of the three offered dates by the Provider within three months of the validity of the voucher, the voucher will be void.
  5. A substitute lesson can be arranged by the Provider in a situation where the lesson cancellation is given at least 24 hours before the regular lesson in the case of public swimming lessons.
  6. When swimming lessons are in a private lane, the Provider can only use the spare lesson if the regular lesson is at least 1 week prior to the lesson due to the Provider ‘s arrangement with the pool operator.
  7. The Client acknowledges that the contractual relationship will continue to be governed by the general terms and conditions according to the particular type of the selected swimming program.


Prices are valid from 1st August 2020
We are not VAT payers


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