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Swim Coaches

MSc. Gabriela Minaříková
Head Coach


Swimming has always been my passion. Through swimming I can relax my body and soul, and revive my energy. Water evokes purity and serenity, and awakens joy in me. Apart from swimming, I am also interested in all water sports such as water polo, water skiing, diving, scuba diving, canoeing, yachting and windsurfing.

I am a  Swim Coach level 1, Health Swim Instructor level 1 and trained Life-guard.
Level 1 is the highest possible grade of swim coaching qulification in Czech Republic.

I have completed Masters studies at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport at Charles University in Prague with swimming coaching and health swimming specialisations.

Earlier in my career I graduated from Nursing College with a General Nursing specialization. I worked as a Registered Nurse in the UK, Saudi Arabia and the Czech Republic.

I studied English at The Cambridge Centre For Further Education in the USA. I hold an IELTS certificate in international academic English.

I am a certified Swim Smooth Coach, the only holder of a permit to operate a Swim Smooth swimming center in the Czech Republic.
In the headquarters of the Swim Smooth learning and training center in Perth, Australia, I was the first and only representative of the Czech Republic who received an official license as a "Swim Smooth Coach". I am an active member of the global Swim Smooth team of coaches of this unique Australian philosophy and methodology of teaching and training pool swimming and open water swimming.

Competitive Swimming Achievements:

Bronze medals at Czech Republic National Championship in the 50m butterfly, 50m freestyle and 800m freestyle. Gold medal in 4 × 100m freestyle relay.

I have placed 12th on 100 m Freestyle in Masters category on FINA World Championship 2015 in Kazan, Russia. How I was able to achieve this excellent result with only one workout a week? Read more here.

Would you like to know more about Gabi? To read her personal story click here.

Gabi also recieved Top 50 Swim Coaches Award.

Swim Coach

Jana Stavikova

I have been dedicated to swimming since my early childhood. I used to be a member of a Swimming club where we were improving our swimming techniques under the supervision of professional trainers. These activities resulted in participating in regional competitions. During my studies at the Faculty of Science at Palacký University in Olomouc, I used to attend the swimming courses for students at the Faculty of Physical Culture, where I also participated in college swimming competitions.


I have a Certificate of „Swimming Coach III. Level“ and also „Swimming Referee III. Level“. I have several years of training experience with small and older children. Currently I participate at swimming competitions as a Referee.

Why did I decided to coach for Swim Smooth?

I first heard about the Swim Smooth method at a swimming race. I was impressed by the individual and positive attitude of coaches to swimmers, as well as admiring the good technique of the swimmers in the Swim Smooth club. At the first consultation with Gabriela, I already felt enthusiastic by her large experience and her passion for this successful swimming method.

Swim Coach


I have been swimming since I was 4 years old when my parents signed me up to the swimming team. I liked the water because I had a great coach and now I cannot imagine a week going by without going to the swimming pool. I competed in races until I was 18 years of age. I do triathlons, extreme racing and rock climbing now. I like to see the progress of swimmers and the joy they get from the water.


I hold the Coach Swimming Certificates III. class, Swimming Instructor, Swimming Judge II. class. I have experience with swimming training in England. Because I study at the pedagogical faculty, I focus on training children.

Why did I decided to coach for Swim Smooth?

I have been a swimming trainer for a long time, and I still want to learn and learn new things that contribute to better swimming training. I encountered the Swim Smooth method at swimming races, where swimmers had a great swimming technique. I started to search for more information and contacted Mrs. Gabriela. The method I found is what I have long been looking for - an individual approach, communication with the swimmer, a sequence of teaching, coherence, clarity. It is a different learning style that was missing before.

Swim Coach


Sport and water is my life, I have swum actively since the age of 5.  My parents enrolled me in a swiming club for it’s health benefits. Since then I had a passion for any sport, except soccer : ).


I have won many competitions in Slovakia and the countries of the V4. I represented my alma mater “the University of Economics” in many academic´s races during my studies. I am also a swimming referee (3rd swimming referee class).

Why did I decide to coach for Swim Smooth?

I saw people from Swim Smooth so many times during my swimming training and one day I decided to apply for the position of trainee. I hope my enthusiasm for the Swim Smooth methods will motivate you during our trainings. I´m looking forward to it!

Swim Coach

Lenka S

I have always enjoyed sport and still enjoy it. The basic sports skills were given to me by my sporty family, great PE teachers and also from volleyball coaches, with whom I have played at league level for 15 years. I decided to pursue sports in my professional life, so after high school I launched my studies at FTVS UK. I learned how to "swim" as a child, but when I was studying at university, I found out that real swimming looks completely different, and since then it has become my lifetime hobby.


I have completed my Masters studies at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport at Charles University in Prague with specialization in PE and Sport. I am a trained lifeguard. While studying at college I took swimming classes for pre-school children.

Why did I decide to coach for Swim Smooth?

For the last 20 years I have been working in a company that focuses on sport´s rights and sports TV broadcasts. It's an interesting job, but I miss the practical sports side of what I did and what I enjoyed. And then, when I was googling on the Internet, I found the Swim Smooth website and watched the videos from the training and the summer camp, which caught my imagination right away. I contacted Swim Smooth, met Gaby and we agreed to cooperate. It is my wish that people who like this method as much as I do are able to easily access it ... because "the world needs better swimming".

Dry land Workout Coach

Katerina Matejkova

As a child I used to swim with fins and I used to practice modern gymnastics at competitive level. Thanks to those activities I found my way to sport. When I was 6 I started to do ballet, which has been  my favorite activity until now.


I spent two months in Austria as an au-pair in a family with three children. I have been working intensively with kids for about 2 years now. I took part in a first aid course for organizers of camps for kids. As a student of the Faculty of Natural Sciences I have an opportunity to understand how an athlete’s body works. I'm a Pilates instructor.

Why I decided to coach for SwimSmooth

As a dancer I totally  appreciate the support given to kids even in different kinds of sports activities. I also love the concept of compensation excersises for little swimmers.

Admin and PR support - helpdesk


I do sport as a form of relaxation and distraction. The Swim Smooth method and swimming is motivating and beneficial form. When I was small, I practiced modern gymnastics, played table tennis and did figure skating.  Cycling and winter adrenaline on the snowboard, I enjoyed very much. Also, my two daughters (5 and 2 years old) are already going straight from diapers to these various activities.


After secondary school, I worked as an Au-Pair in England for over a year. I gained experience with children through organizing and cooperating in the management of interest groups, with the main subject of administrative and graphic work. I have been a full-time mother to my two daughters the last few years.

Why I decided to join Swim Smooth?

I enjoyed this approach to swimming very much. I like the individual and very positive approach to each swimmer.

Admin and PR support - marketing

Petra Urbankova

Sport is my hobby and it energizes me. Even though I'm not a keen swimmer, the Swim Smooth method really interests me, because I like learning new things, and I'm looking forward to improving my swimming style and discovering new ways to enjoy the water : ).


After high school I lived for one year in England, where I worked as an Au-Pair. Since then I gained further experience working with children at children's camp where I use to go for many years. I studied a Bachelor's degree in Marketing Communication, but I have always worked in banking. At the moment, my main role is to be a mummy of a one and a half year old girl.

Why I decided to join Swim Smooth?

While working for Swim Smooth I will always let you know what we are currently preparing for you, how to educate you, how you can improve whilst having fun! My goal is to help you feel comfortable in and under the water : ).


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