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From leisure swimmers to World Championship

If it seems impossible that you could go from office or household to World Champion swimmer, you are mistaken! With Swim Smooth you can do it just like Gabriela and Jana. You can read all about the happy ending to their


Terka and her parents about the weekly Swim Smooth preparatory camp

Dear Gábi and the Swim Smooth team,
we are very happy (we parents and daughter) that we were able to get to know you and get acquainted with your teaching method, approach ... and well-being through swimming camps (Srní and Nymburk). We also follow your posts on FB and we like the section spirit and especially the "heart" that you put into everything. We evaluate the camp only positively, there are no comments or recommendations from us. And the camp game is always famous - they are skillfully hidden in a great topic ...more


Swim club Znojmo about Swim Smooth camp

Dear Sirs and Madams,
In this way I would like to thank Swim Smooth and Gabriela Minarikova for arranging the breaststroke school. We took part in this course with two children Tomas and Laura the members of our club.
After taking part in Swim Smooth course we finally convinced ourselves, that this is the way we want to be different in our club from the nowadays. Also Gabriela with the method Swim Smooth demonstrated us, that it is possible to lead a training in another way: in a way ...more


Hanka a Luděk about Swim Smooth

Hello, I would like to share with you my experience with the individual head coach, Gabriela, from Swim Smooth. My daughter is swimming competitively for the fifth year in a traditional swimming club. She participates regularly in the Czech swimming championship; her greatest achievements were the second and third places in these races. Unfortunately, for the last year and a half, her personal records have stalled, and even started to get worse, even though her training attendance was still almost 100%, and she swam more than 30 kilometers a week... more


Maja and Laco Horvath about Swim Smooth

The first time I talked to Gabriela was over the phone to discuss an individual training session for my 11-year-old son. I will never forget that session. In 45 minutes, my son made, in my opinion, fantastic progress. We have both completed several training sessions with several coaches, but ... more



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