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We would like to invite children to the club's 7´th year of races with the winter theme
“The adventures of Mr. Snowman”

We organise races which combine the world of fantasy with swimming in a friendly atmosphere.

Check out our Winter Racing Smoothie. If your little swimmer can swim 25 metres, then they can join our next race. They children will work together to solve a mystery or a gripping story. This year's story, “Adventures of Mr. Snowman” is about Mr. Snowman who loses his things. When can you look forward to another journey of winter races? It is scheduled to take place on Tuesday 19th 2021. You can register until the 11th 2020. We look forward to meeting you!


 Enrollment for guestsEnrollments for club members


Detailed information about the race:

Where: Aquadream Barrandov


Registration 3:30pm
Race 4pm
Ceremony 6:45

Starting fee: 490CZK is paid only by the gests.

How to pay: On the day of sending application 490 CZK. On account SWIM SMOOTH CZECH REPUBLIC, o. s. at Fio Bank, number of account: 2900399343/2010. In the message for recipient please state swim race - the name and surname of the child.


Watch our video of the children having fun at the race

What happened at the last race?

The snowman adventure or how the snowman lost his parts

We ceremoniously completed the first half-term of 2019/20 in the sixth winter club races. At the race, of course, we measured times and attantion please - for the first time, our swimmers were registered in Czech Swimming Federation statistics. The most important thing for us was to find all the rolled-up parts of our Swim Smooth snowman. And because it was a winter race, in addition to the traditional swimming disciplines, we tried to move in the water like we would in the snow. We bobbed on pontoons, ran cross-country skis with floating noodles, and even rode on boards like on a cable car. We managed to handle all sections of the piste, and also to find all parts of the snowman and reassemble it. Of course, a diploma and a chocolate medal awaited everyone. Hooray for the races!  

How Maruška went to the Twelve Months for a snowman

We all know the story of the Twelve Months, when poor Maruška was sent by her bad stepmother to collect strawberries in the winter. We also know that Maruška succeeded and in addition became happily married to a shrewd man. But did you know that wasn’t the end? Unfortunately, there are many people who envy others‘ fortune. And so the mayor's daughter, who wanted to marry the same man, decided to set Maruška an impossible task- to get a snowman in the summer - otherwise the mayor would throw Maruška out of the village. You know, at that time there were no airplanes or freezers, and walking to the land of eternal snow and back again was impossible. Maruška and the man finally remembered the 12 months and went after them. All the months felt sorry for Maruška, except for the month of December, which was the only one as cold and cruel as a frost. Eventually, he agreed to help her, but in return she had to bring him the beads of berries that had been swept away by his acquaintance, the Middday Fairy. And as the beads rolled up to us in Axa pool, the swimmer's task was to help Maruska collect the berries. All the swimmers had to overcome the difficult terrain and distances, but still be as fast as possible to get the berries before Maruška was kicked out of the village. In front ofall the swimmers, we bow and thank you for giving everything to the races. You were awesome, and we're looking forward to seeing you racing at our playful club races!

Take a look at our adventure with Mr. Snowman

How Mr. Snowman saved the world before the Ice Age

This year's Winter Racing Smoothie was marked by nothing less than the rescue of Earth. Thanks to a crack in space-time, there was a really terrible frost that even brought animals like a mammoth or a saber-toothed tiger, last seen in the Ice Age. The task of our swimmers was to gradually overcome all the obstacles that had come their way, help Mr. Snowman lead all the dangerous animals back to where they belonged, and then coax the hole together. They had to deal with challenging swimming disciplines in the shortest possible time, because the fate of all mankind depended on it. And, as you can see, we are still here, our swimmers have done brilliantly, they have given wonderful swimming performances and they deserve a great thank you!

Take a look at our adventure with Mr. Snowman

As Mr. Snowman went to Zmrzlíkov

23. ledna jsme sešli na 3 ročníku Zimních oddílových závodů, abychom si opět na plaveckém bazénu AXA vyzkoušeli závodní atmosféru v odlehčeném duchu. Oproti minulým ročníkům byla hojná účast, což atmosféru jen podtrhlo. Obsadili jsme tři dráhy, v celkovém počtu devatenácti dětí ve všech věkových kategoriích. Námětem závodů bylo opět pomoci Panu Sněhulákovi. Ten se nešťastnou náhodou objevil ve vesnici Oblevov a úkolem dětí bylo splnit sedm obtížných disciplín, díky kterým se Pan Sněhulák dostal až do Zmrzlíkova. Plnění úkolů nebylo vůbec snadné, na děti čekaly disciplíny, ve kterých jsme prověřili všechny plavecké dovednosti, získané plaveckými tréninky. Závodníci se těchto úkolů zhostili s nevídanou vervou a odhodláním a proto pro ně nebyl žádný problém tyto disciplíny hravě překonat. Z celého závodu neměli radost jen děti a rodiče na galerii, ale i samotní trenéři, kteří hrdě stáli podél bazénu a povzbuzovali své svěřence…. Už nyní se těšíme na další závod, který se uskuteční již v létě!

Take a look at our adventure with Mr. Snowman

How Mr. Snowman was messing up his stuff

The 2nd annual Winter Racing Smoothie took place on Monday, January 18, 2016 and like the previous year, it was a ride but this time it was literally a ride on bobsled!  As the name suggests, Winter Racing Smoothie brought plenty of winter fun.  We all went on a journey full of complicated tasks to help the snowman, who found himself in trouble. Our journey started on Monday at 16:00 sharp, when we all met at the pool wearing winter hats and scarves. Why, you wonder? So we wouldn’t be cold! Before we jumped in the water, we played an introductory game called The Bobsleigh Man organised into two teams (of course we changed into our swimming costumes first!)  In the water, 7 swim challenges were set, which we all successfully completed and we saved the snowman and helped him find his lost things which made him a real snowman once again. We would like to praise the children for their huge effort, commitment and courage in the tasks.   


We look forward to the 3rd swim race Summer Racing Smoothie. 

Take a look at our adventure with Mr. Snowman




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