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For competitors from 6 to 15 years of age, our Winter Fitness Conditioning will take place from 27 to 31 January 2021.

Training in water combined with cross-country skiing is another important step in moving to the higher levels of racing. All in a friendly and positive atmosphere, built on Swim Smooth Methodology.

Take a look at what the second year of winter fitness training was like



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To you, swimmers, we bring:

  • Conditioning led by professionals
  • First contact with volumetric training
  • An entertaining cross-country ski run led by experienced coaches
  • Regeneration and consolidation of this component as a solid foundation for sports training
  • A chance to properly get to know friends from the club and a great deal of fun

To you, parents, we bring:

  • A complex sports service
  • Further expansion of your children's sports training
  • An appropriate tool for fitness stimulation
  • Relief from the routine of the school year
  • An empathetic and patient way to get more active


What is our winter fitness training about:

Swimming is a very complex physical activity that puts great demands on strength, endurance, psychological resilience and overall fitness. In sport preparation, the physical activities that help to stimulate the above-mentioned qualities and complement the training accordingly have an irreplaceable role. These include cross-country skiing, which, thanks to similar and even higher levels of difficulty, combined with the prevailing sliding movements that save the joints, is an ideal complementary sport. If you add bonuses such as higher altitude or low temperature movements that invigorate not only the body but also the spirit. The main goal of the training will be to acquaint our swimmers with volumetric and fitness training, fun learning games, relations between children, the opportunity for getting to know each other and reinforce communication skills. And because we really understand cross-country skiing and children’s leisure activities, a lot of fun and knowledge is guaranteed.



Basic information:

Transportation: Shared (own cars)

Place: Pension Dagmar - Spa Jáchymov

Number of children: max 16

Age of children: 6 - 15 years

What kind of children it is intended for: especially competitors who are already racing or are preparing for a racing career.

Number of coaches: 2

Main program: Swimming and cross-country skiing (in case of lack of snow jogging) training with a focus on aerobic endurance, fun activities in the snow, compensatory exercises and cooperative games in the gym.

Price: 9 000 CZK

The price includes: accommodation, meals including all drinks, a full-day program, coaches, swimming pool and other sports facilities, admission to the wellness centre, gym and private ski bus.

The price does not include: expenses related to sporting and cultural activities (especially the bobsleigh and toboggan run, ski lift)

Applications accepted until: untill capacity is filled

How to pay: When you submit the application, please send the full amount to reach our bank account within 3 days.  The account number is: 2900399343/2010. Please add VS indicating the school year + figure 5 in format yyyyyy (for example 201920) and in the message for recipient please state Winter fitness conditioning + Venue (for example Winter fitness conditioning Spa Jáchymov) – name and surname of the child

Cancellation policy: 100% of the total amount 30 days before the start

 Enrol on our winter fitness training program

List of recomended equipment Timetable of fitness training

Certificate of Freedom from Infectious disease Terms & Conditions

Certificate of medical fitness for attending camps

How do the parents see our winter fitness conditioning:

Our two children (5 and 8 years old) enjoyed the winter conditioning. Although we were worried that the program would be difficult as a parent, the combination of pool + cross country + exercise in the gym proved to be great. We really appreciate our children becoming acquainted with a new type of movement / sport - that is, with cross-country skiing, and that they really enjoyed it during the 5 days. Not only did they overcome their initial shyness and their original lack of skills, but they departed with a newly-mastered ability that we intend to develop within the family. Both children enjoyed a wealth of choices and great food that compensated for the high physical demands of the sports activities. Last but not least, they strengthened and established new friendships and found their swim idols. We will be happy to participate again.
Lucie and Josef


We look forward to seeing you!



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Do you want to try high-level conditioning?

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