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Analysis Pro

Using additional swimming analysis and assessment methods will help you to achieve the ultimate outcome in competitive swimming.

Improve the efficiency of your swimming technique and find out what your ideal frequency of swimming stroke and length of swimming pace. This way you can find your optimal pace for training and race so you will be able to swim faster and more efficiently.

Make the most of your potential and focus on a particular swimming discipline - sprint, medium or long runs. Gabriela will help you determine the intensity of swimming in the anaerobic zone, which will allow you to increase your speed.

How to train for a race using Ramp test?

A Ramp test checks the frequency of your swimming stroke and the length of swimming pace.

The frequency of a swimming stroke is measured by using a Ramp test. This involves eight to ten series of swimming 50 metres freestyle with short intervals of rest. Every 50 metres the frequency of the swimming stroke is increased and controlled by using Tempo-trainer.   

The Ramp test starts at frequency of about 10 strokes per minute below your average pace, every 50 metres your frequency is increased by 3 strokes per minute. By the end the frequency is 15 to 25 strokes higher than your average tempo with the goal to test the entire spectrum of your swimming stroke.

How to train for a race using physiological CSS test?

The physiological CSS test is a non-invasive alternative method for collection of blood and the muscle biopsy examination. The test includes 400 metres crawl and 200 metres swimming at maximum speed with 15 minutes of active free-swim rest.

Based on the result we calculate the fatigue index, which shows the disposition for sprints, medium or long disciplines. Using another formula, we calculate your anaerobic zone for speed and we determine whatspeed you should swim 100 metres during interval training which will develop your speed.


Strahov pool, Vaníčkova 2b, Praha 6, 160 00


Tuesday from 8 am

Thursday from 7, 8 or 9 am


Ramp test: 60 min

CSS test: 60 min

Fee for Analysis Pro:

You will find the fee for Analysis pro in the swim school price list



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