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A completely different way of teaching swimming, which fully involves children in the learning process

We 're a little different. Take a look and discover with us swimming lessons for the little ones, which are specially adapted to child's perception. Under the guidance of our experienced and smiling coaches and accompanied by two small siblings Plavel and Plavlína, the children will become perfectly acquainted with the water and gradually acquire basic swimming skills that make smooth transition to their first individual strokes in playfull manner.


Who are Plavel and Plavlína?

Little siblings and skilled swimmers. Everyone has their focus, their own style, but they both do great! With their help, the coach explains the individual physical activities clearly, distinctly and with the help of children's symbolism.

Little heroes Plavel and Plavlína: our friends who help us show the right swimming technique, children just love them.

We learn with poems.

Is it possible for swimming? Of course! With the help of our author's poems, which are meaningfully related to the individual exercises, the children will master the movements quickly and smoothly. Read more on our blog "How Plavel and Plavlina washed their faces".

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Another integral part of our method is Swimming Diaries!

They add complexity to our approach. The youngest children color them in coloring books related to individual poems and, along with older swimmers, also record their individual performances and successes. They can also use the space to follow the news from swimming and much more. And because we keep up with the times, we also have diaries in electronic form, but more on our blog "Swimming diaries not only on paper"!
















Choose from four programs:

Individul lessons  - 1+1

Is your swimmer afraid of water, does he not want to put his head under water, or does he need specific care? Individual lessons are appropriate before joining the group..

Family lessons - Parents swimming with children

Our top offer is individual lessons led in water together with the parent, where the child is led by the parents and the parent by the child. In this way, not only do a lot of comic situations arise, but above all we teach the correct basics to the parent himself and the bond between the child and the parent grows.

Group lessons - Program Junior

We involve the youngest children in the group as soon as possible. Collective teaching motivates much more, develops social ability and brings children a lot of joy and satisfaction.

(Pre)school teaching - Swimming for kindergartens and primary schools

We make it possible to develop in swimming until adulthood in the form of both hobby and competitive swimming. We make sure that children love the aquatic environment!


How do parents see Swimming with Plavel and Plavlína?

Nice approach, a lot of aids, interesting lessons, my son enjoys it and I see progress.
Eva K.

Individual and helpful approach to swimmers in collective training, where the coach focuses on each swimmer. This is not seen in other clubs where those who are not talented, do not receive any attention and remain on the sidelines. At Swim Smooth, every swimmer is important. It is amazing what results children achieve.
Mária G.

Methodology, warm-up on dry land, details of learning - such as how to climb into and out of the pool - increase children's overall confidence, I don't think they teach this anywhere else. Atmosphere, relaxed attitude, ease, playfulness.
Eva B.



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