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16 reasons to swim with us!

Systematic preparation will bring swimmers the foundation and support troughou their swimming career. Swim Smooth methodology is exceptional in its complexity, high expertise and efficiency. Primarily it was aimed at adult swimmers and exclusively the swim stroke - crawl. Over time, thanks to the Swim Smooth Czech club, it focuses on all ages and swim strokes. For the youngest known as Swimming with Plavel and Plavlina.

Thanks to such basics as detailed teaching of basic swimming skills, the respectful approach, the principle of succession or swimming types, your children also have the opportunity, under our guidance, to learn properly whilst having fun.

These are the important factors that children experience during their swimming career until adulthood:

1) Cause and effect - we focus on the important things

Thanks to the high level of expertise of our methodology, we know that every wrong execution of swimming style has its reasons. As coaches, we focus on the causes. For example, if we see a swimmer kicking with his feet deep below the surface, we know that this is due to an incorrect head position and lack of stretching. We advise him how to look more under him when stretching. Almost immediately there is a correction. Errors and inaccuracies are solved by a constructive, quiet approach ...

2) Follow-up programs - systematic work

We are ready to welcome children from the age of four in our Junior Program. In Kids Starter, we begin to discover the beauty of parents and children swimming together. Then the children continue without their parents, along with coaches in the water. Older children, who are beginners, can learn to swim in FUNdamental and Train for Pleasure or embark on proper swim practice in Swim Skills group. Advanced swimmers can attend the Train to Train group. We also support and develop swimmers who have ambitions of world proportions – already competing or wanting to compete internationally. These swimmers attend the Train to Compete and Train to Win groups.


3) Interesting vs. racing preparation - something for everyone

We know very well that not everyone wants to swim for glory and medals, but simply because they like it in the water. Does that mean we take those swimmers less seriously? Not at all. On the contrary. Many are very happy to learn something new and improve. It’s a joy to train these swimmers. We have FUNdamental and Swim Skills programs for them.

4) Quality vs. quantity - welcome to the 21st century

“What you don’t swim, you don’t know how to” are still often heard by swimmers. Stamina and volume training certainly is irreplaceable for competitive swimmers. But if, for example, an eight-year-old child swims only "volumes," and if the coaches primarily use this method of teaching, then, apart from over-training, children are "poisoned" by such an approach. Our swimming methodology primarily focuses on the balance of training. A sophisticated and validated method of training is in our swimming school alfa and omega of everything else. Thanks to its use, your children are able to compete with "volume-trained swimmers" without excessive strain, while creating performance reserves.

5) Individual preparation - do you need to polish a diamond?

Beginners and non-swimmers, as well as top swimmers, can always choose the most effective way of training - a personal trainer. For example, a beginner can learn to swim with a coach who is in the water and who patiently leads them through the process of their own learning. Even an elite swimmer can benefit from the long-time experience of the head coach to "shuffle seconds" or to fulfill other goals. We count on personal coaches in our system.

6) Dry preparation - everything is related to everything

We offer a full service to our swimmers. Training in the gym - "Dry preparation" includes a set of movement activities that, in addition to strengthening and increasing dynamics, bring relief to overloaded muscle groups and teaches swimmers to perceive their body and care for it. With this approach, the swimmer can withstand swimming for a long time, eliminating significant side effects occurring in "volume" training (health problems, remodeling, causing reduced training effectiveness, etc.)

7) Annual training plans -  we think about what we do

We don’t come up with training on the spot – we do not improvise our training. Everything we do is part of a well-thought out plan, based not only on Swim Smooth methodology but also based on contemporary instructive principles. As a result, children do not encounter random exercises or exercises that are devoid of meaningfulness or not based on a scientific basis. This approach is guaranteed by annual training plans. The annual training plans are suitably complemented and linked to each swimming group.

8) Tracking control - Feedback for effective training

For both racing and non-competitive swimmers, at the beginning and end of the swimming year, we make videos to document the baseline and progress. An important part is the measurement of achievements at each training session. The priority is not "at any cost" to achieve the best performances, but above all to provide feedback that serves to motivate each and every swimmer to development further.

9) Trainer Training - You Can Rely On ...

Our trainers go through an initial training that lasts up to two years, so that we are all able to deliver the top level of our training. The "minimum" for coaches is the possession of a coaching license III. class, last but not least, communication skills and the ability to create a pleasant motivating environment, full of challenges. It is important for us that our coaches are able and willing to further develop as the world of swimming evolves and changes.

10) Club races - welcome to the hatchery of winners

Young competitors who want to compete have the opportunity to participate twice a year in club races - summer and winter. These races or rather “non-races” as we call them, encourages everybody to try swimming their best , and we do not compare swimmers with each other, but we focus primarily on increasing their personal performance. The main goal of the competition is to use the environment and the atmosphere of swimming races.

11) Racing calendar - we know that nothing should be exaggerated!

We do not support jealousy and rivalry but team spirit. We do not chase children to the races every weekend, but they race according to our racing calendar, where the swimmer's participation is based on only 4 races per semester. Our swimmers will gain racing experience, but at the same time they do not feel pressured and have space for other activities.

12) Swimming Diaries - A tool for our swimmers and their parents

The swimming diaries are an integral part of the complex swimming preparation. They are something like a showcase and planning aid - all in one. The purpose of the diaries is to enable children to participate actively in planning their sporting development. The second reason for the diaries is their role in shaping and deepening the free habits and motivations of children. Through their diaries, children have the opportunity to engage with people from their neighborhood, especially parents and grandparents, about their achievements and discuss their existing goals with them. In order for the diary to be a display case, they must have, in the eyes of the children, a certain point of uniqueness and singleness. That’s why Swim Smooth have it made to order.

The diary “grows” with the children. The smallest children use colored stickers- related to swimming exercises, which explains the technique of performing in the form of rhythmic rhinestones. The smallest children get a sticker with a range of animals related to the distance they can swim (star, crab, horse, turtle, penguin, dolphin).

Each child receives a color-coded self-adhesive sticker showing their membership in the swimming group they are swimming in.

At the end of the swimming year, the smallest children receive a "wet" certificate. For the more advanced group, the jumper of the year is announced for each performance group. The biggest shift in training, respectively in both competitors and races, is valued so that everyone has the same chances of success. The jumper of the year receives a sticker, a diploma and a cap, just like a winner of the cycling stage are given a yellow jersey.

Wet diploma and all diplomas from club races, camps, thematic weekends and other events are in the same format as a diary for their easy insertion or patching.

The diary grows with the children. Using pictures and a time line, children can watch their development.

13) Internal motivation - the basis of success

In conclusion, the most important thing is that every swimmer, every child, is unique. There are also those who are comfortable with the coach screaming at them from the side of a pool. For the vast majority of children, however, moments under pressure from a coach or parents are nothing pleasant. The consequence may be that the adolescent swimmer, for that reason, stops with swimming which gives the impression to the coaches and parents that they never actually enjoyed swimming…

Maximizing the involvement of children in their own learning process, in the swimming school and Swim Smooth club brings limitations of similar situations. Children, thanks to an approach where we constantly explain what and why they practice, are well aware of the reasons why the individual exercises are included in the training plan. As part of the discussion, children are also familiar with the training sessions of training blocks and individual swimming lessons and can make comments and queries.

14) Family atmosphere - it is not possible without a supportive environment.

We pay attention to regular contact with parents who are partners with us in a common goal. We are well aware, that it is not possible without parental support, and that a parent knows his child best. We have the door open and the parents of the children have access to the training at any time. We are extremely grateful for the desire and interest of parents to learn more about the swimming world.

15) Swimming - love for life

In Swim Smooth we do not end with the Junior program, but children can continue swimming with us in adulthood, in the Masters program! To maintain health in the Rehab group, to constantly improve swimming technique in the Revise group and to maintain good condition in the Reshape group. We are here for you, whether you are 4 or 99! ;-)

16) Swimming in open water - swim without borders!

With us you can also discover the beauty of swimming in open water. We know that "pool" swimmers often feel scared in the water where they can't see the bottom; they don't have stretched guiding lines and a clear end. We will rid you of this fear. It is no coincidence that Swim Smooth was chosen by the International Triathlon Federation as the guarantor of the methodology for open water swimming. We also collaborate with such swimming icons as Abhejali Bernardová, Shaley Taylor Smith and others. We will prepare you for swimming in open water so that you feel safe, blend in perfectly with the water and enjoy swimming without borders. Swim Smooth is also involved in the development of the most popular Huub neoprene, which brings real comfort. You don't have to be a triathlete or long-distance swimmer right away. All you have to do is really want to enjoy being in the open water. Swim with us, swim Smooth! :-)



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