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Swim Types

Swim Types captures your individuality and explains what is best for you in order to improve  your swimming.
Swim Types is Swim Smooth's exciting new coaching system. It shows you the six distinct styles in which people swim freestyle.
Identify your type, and we'll show you how to swim faster and more efficiently for your body type, strength, gender and experience.

A truly individual approach to your swimming!


Discover what your swim type is:


Swim Types Quick Facts


- Fights the water
- Often breathless
- Frustrated
- Good sprinter
- Swims around 1:45 to 2:10 per 100m


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- Lacks "oomph"
- Slow gentle stroke
- Very poor feel for the water giving rotary arm stroke
- Struggles to breathe from lack of lead arm support
- Swims between 1:50 to 2:30 per 100m


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- Very strong and propulsive freestyle kick.
- Lacks catch and feel for the water.
- Often short of breath.
- Swims around 2:15 to 1:25 per 100m


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- A very smooth stroke
- A distinct glide and dead-spot in the stroke timing
- Often feels short of breath as it's so long between strokes
- Concentrates hard when swimming
- Swims around 2:20 to 1:30 per 100m


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- Competent swimmer
- Goes well in open water
- High stroke rate with lots of rhythm
- Arms tend to swing round the side
- Likes to swim fast all the time
- Many elite swimmers and pro triathletes are Swingers
- Swims from 1:50 to sub 1:00 per 100m


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- Moves seemingly effortlessly and gracefully through the water with a long stroke.
- Excellent body position, rotation and high elbow recovery.
- A tendency towards a fairly strong six beat kick.
- Recommends wet shaving :-).
- Swims from 1:25 to sub 1:00 per 100m



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