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For competitors aged 10 years and above takes place 8 - 14th August 2021 in Nymburk

High-end methodology and video analysis combined in one week can help a swimmer reach far beyond their limits.

Swim camp 2019

This is what we offer our swimmers:

  • Superior methodology and experienced swimming coaches
  • Video analysis and immediate correction of errors during lessons
  • Comprehensive service and modern sports information
  • Professionally led versatile dry land preparation
  • Advanced psychological training
  • Themed camp games

This is what we offer the parents:

  • Excellent summary of your child’s training
  • Encouragement to kick start the new season
  • Acquisition of appropriate tools against stagnation and ovetraining
  • A motivating and positive environment for the swimmers
  • The possibility of continued cooperation - consultation and participation in our lessons
What is our swim camp about?

Our swimming camps are all the best things that Swim Smooth has to offer for young athletic and racing swimmers. One week is full of top Australian methodology, analysis and sports training presented as camp games.

Is your child between 10 to 15 years of age? Are they members of a swimming club?  Do they sometimes feel that there is too much of a drill during preparation? Do they feel they have too many activities during training camp that are not directly related to swimming? So now you have a great opportunity to try something new. Swim Smooth’s methodology and detailed video analysis which helps find problems, is not offered in any other swimming club. As every year uniquely our swimming camp takes place at fully equiped sport hotel in Nymburk, near Prague, where Czech Olympians also train. The camp is supervised by head coach MSc. Gabriela Minaříková, Czech Championship medalist, and active swimmer, and who took 12th place at the 2015 World Championships in Kazan in the Masters category in 100m Freestyle.

NEW - Swimmers' coaches are also invited. A demonstration of how we are conducting a technically focused Swim Smooth training will take place on Wednesday, August 11, 2021 at 3:30 p.m. Coaches, you are cordially invited. More info HERE 

Basic information:

Check-in: 12 pm (program starts with lunch)

Check-out: 9am

Place: Sportovní centrum Nymburk, Sportovní 1801, 288 35 Czech Republic

Number of children: max 20

Age of children: 10 years and more

Number of coaches: 3

Swim level: Racing experience at the level of a swimming club. The camp is also suitable for young pentathletes and triathletes.

Main program: Two-stage swimming workouts to improve swimming techniques and to support all-round development, flexibility, aerobic endurance, and positive attitude towards competitive swimming.

Additional program: General sports development with an emphasis on fair-play, collaboration and socializing. Regeneration and relaxation exercises, stretching and quality outdoor activities. Also to encourage an interest in cultural and sightseeing trips.

Language: If the child does not speak Czech, they must be able to speak English. If the child does not speak enough English to understand the instructions from the swimming coach, the provider then reserves the right to exclude the child without compensation for safety reasons.In this situation, the legal representative stated on the application form or another authorised person must collect the child within 24 hours of being informed by phone or email. 


  • 11 100 CZK (for members of Swim Smooth)
  • 12 200 CZK (for others)

Price includes: accommodation, meals (full board), daily program, coaches and instructors, rental of the pool and other sports facilities; wellness, videoanalysis, adventure activities and invited interesting guests.

Price does not include: expenses related to sports-sightseeing activities (fee for cultural objects, train, steamer, etc), rent of sports equipment such as bikes etc.

Payment method: Total sum to be paid within 3 days of the date of completion on the application form.  Please send bank transfer to account 2900399343/2010, VS indicating the school year + figure 3 in format yyyyyy (for example 2020213) and in the message for recipient please state Swim Camp + Venue (for example Swim Camp Nymburk) – name and surname of the child.

Cancellation Policy: A cancellation of 91 days or more before the start date of the camp 10% of the total sum. 90 days or less 50% of the total amount is required. 60 days or less before the start date of the camp 100% is required. In case of cancellation due to sickness or other reasons, we recommend that you take out the insurance.


Finding Nemo or don't worry about your weaknesses and focus on your strengths

At the summer training camp for competitive swimmers we worked hard, but not in the way you might imagine. We sharpened our swimming technique to the last detail, and it showed. After the analysis of all swimming strokes, specific swimming exercises, thorough error correction, dry land training and psychological preparation, all swimmers left well prepared and in a positive mood for the new season. And as is tradition in Swim Smooth, it was not just about swimming, but about friendship, fun camp-wide games and traditional activities, which inevitably include a trip to Nymburk, regeneration in the sauna and whirlpool, swimming in the Elbe, the final tournament in sports games, orienteering and a few surprises. We acquired skills in self-defense directly from the Master of Krav Maga, and under the guidance of experienced helmsmen, we sailed into the open water in dragon boats. In the search for Nemo, we had to stave off the attack of a hungry shark Bruce, who for a moment forgot that "Fish is not food, fish is a friend", except for… you know who. We swam through a narrow tube, getting to know each other in the black depths and communicating without the help of speech. Like Merlin and Dory, we were a great team of Anchors and Bait and we finally found Nemo together. Would you like to experience the best swimming camp? If so don't hesitate and sign up right away, a new challenge is being prepared and the work on swimming technique never ends. And don't forget, "You should swim, you should swim, you should swim!"

20 000 leagues under the sea

We are reporting that the crew of the Nautilus has returned! And even without injury, and with plenty of new experiences. On Sunday, the entire crew embarked and immediately started to familiarize themselves with all the duties that were waiting for them. We had no high expectations because boarding 20 castaways is not easy. The first day of training and games, theywe managed brilliantly. During the following days theypracticed diligentlyin the swimming pool to improve the swimming technique of crawl, breaststroke, backstroke and butterfly. The next day we anchored in the bay, where the castaways were tasked with beating a giant squid and they did it! We no longer had any doubts about their abilities. They managed to knit sailor bracelets, defeat enemy ships, swim with their own damaged ship to the end of the pool, swim 50 meters with black goggles, catch a lot of pearl shells, find all the clues to solve a mystery and many other tasks. They trainedin strengthening and volleyball, soaking up the culture with a camp cinema, relaxing in the whirlpool bath and sauna. The biggest surprise, however, were the paddleboards, where they also did really crazy things, not once but twice during our cruise. The end of our expedition was landing on the mainland, where we had a great pizza and we felt fantastic after a beautiful and actively spent week. Next year we‘re looking forward to another expedition! Feel free to join us!

Citius, altius, fortius or live the Olympics!

In the fifth year of the Swim Smooth camp, the circle closed. Better say, circles. There are five circles as everybody knows; every two years all athletes and sports fans around the world watch the most prestigious contest on the planet. However, we moved back to ancient Olympia about 3,000 years ago, where the gods Zeus, Hera, Pallas Athena and Poseidon supported their favourites from Sparta, Athens, Marathon and Troy. In the whole-camp game, we put on the chiton clothing, learned an anthem in Greek, and athletes made a pledge to play fair and do their best for the state they represented.

We tried not only the ancient Olympic sports disciplines, such as discus, a 1/10 marathon run, long jump with weights, a boxing match, but in the spirit of the ancient Greek tradition, we also worked on the refinement of that spirit. For this purpose, there was a competition of trumpeters and announcers in continuous speech, as well as a rhetorical competition, consisting of the composition and presentation of a self-composed poem. Who does not know that previously the Olympics games included artistic disciplines and one of our first Olympic champions, who won the silver medal, was the composer Josef Suk. All the time, emphasis was placed on fair play and support among teams. In the spirit of the existing Olympic motto, "citius, altius, fortius", i.e. "faster, higher, stronger", it was mainly about overcoming the limits of our own athletes.

We also transferred the Olympics games to the swimming pool, where we tried the original version of all swimming techniques, showing how the breaststroke, crawl, butterfly and backstroke were previously swum. Besides, Gábi was tirelessly working around the pool for the whole week; with the help of three other trainers thoroughly and rigorously fixing the details of swimming techniques. No mistakes escaped her attention, and she persisted in working through improvements until the technical exercise was perfect, or until the swimmer understood how to crack the swim. However, since every swimmer is usually convinced that he is not making any mistakes, we helped by making a professional video analysis of each camp participant. In addition to the swimming and the ancient Greek Olympics, we still enjoyed a popular workout with Jarda, and to test how athletes with health restrictions feel, Roman-style paralympic disciplines for visually, hearing or physically impaired or similarly disadvantaged athletes. The surprise of the camp was archery, when the professionals gave us the opportunity to see their training and then we discovered how difficult their sports discipline is. Even though the temperature was really high, we relaxed in the sauna and the whirlpool, and then we had a special dinner - pizza. We were very pleased to order this, because the cooperation of all the Olympians was exemplary and the weekly effort made by all our athletes, admirable.

On a final note, we are modifying the Olympic "faster, higher, stronger" to "faster, deeper, stronger", as the theme of the next camp is "20,000 miles under the sea". So, let the Olympics and Captain Nemo live


Welcome to the Tribe of Brother Bears

The fourth year of the Swim Smooth swimming camp took place in the Šumava Protected Landscape Area in the town of Srní, where we spent our week concentration surrounded by beautiful nature. The subject of the camp themed game was the Brother Bear - three brothers and a teddy bear Koda on the motif of a film of the same name, according to ancient tribal Indian traditions, our swimmers received their totem animal with one significant feature, and their task was to behave according to their totem. If they were guilty and would not behave according to their characteristics, they would turn themselves into the animal. We also had to do a lot of interesting tasks and games to help Koda take care of himself in the wild - we have taught him basic skills such as communication, hunting and how to defend from hunters. The Brother Bears also followed up on our discussion topic: "Know Yourself". Just like Kenai, we were also discovering who we are and tried to get to know others through their totem.

As part of our swimming trainings with Gábi, we've been working on improving our techniques and removing the mistakes that revealed video analysis. Uff, sometimes we really got involved. We also spent outdoor activities together with Michal and Kačka, we were running through mountains and mines, forests and meadows, diversified by moments of great games - The earth is lava, Stronzo or hide and seek and cone-noncone war. At the end of each run, we improved in gymnastics and practiced stretching, otherwise we might not get out of bed the next day. We also enjoyed the sauna and steam bath, tried out massages, learned about predators and owls, the happiest of us saw the wolf in the wilderness reservation (and it was not easy, their coloring of the fur coat masked like a tree trunk).

We thank everyone for a great week and cooperation and we look forward to seeing each other again at 5th summer camp!

Finding Nemo

It took place from 16th to 22nd of august 2015 in Nymburk. The topic of camp game was Finding Nemo with a message of cooperation as well as the club's first race Racing SMOOTHie. The first day we learned from Merlin that Nemo was missing. So we decided, that we will go look for him. During the time we spent in the camp we would find different clues that would help as find him. Sometimes it was easier to find one – one person could do it, but sometimes we had to work together as a group. We swam several kilometers through Elbe, Baltic sea, The Atlantic Ocean, The Arctic coast, Indian Ocean and Pacific Ocean. During the two-phase training sessions in the pool we improved our swim technique and we enjoyed water games. We traveled on dragon boats where we learned to work in the same pace as one and once we even had to swim across the river Elbe with clothes and all the things that we had with us. Despite all the obstacles we managed to find Nemo.

On land, we focused on stretching, strengthening and breathing exercises. This year, we specialized in ball games: swap, beach volleyball, football, Frisbee. The entire camp was held in an atmosphere of respectful discussions in the community circle. Together we tried to find answers to questions on topics related to sport: working with your inner strength and motivation, competition vs. pushing your personal boundaries, uniqueness of each person and diversity of approach of coaches and swimmers, etc.

Would you like to experience something just like that? Just download the application form here below and hurry to Nymburk with us.


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