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MASTERS program - RESHAPE squad

Physical fitness through swimming has a positive effect in all areas of life - sports and health.

Do you spend a lot of time working and you wish you could spend your free time being more active? If you miss the energy that you felt as a kid, this is the right time to do something about it.

In a friendly and motivating atmosphere, we can help you improve your current physical condition, improve the functioning of your cardio-pulmonary system and replace fat with muscle mass. If you can swim at least 400 meters freestyle without stopping then come and join us. If you only know how to swim breaststroke and freestyle is not your strongest stroke, join us at our REVISE program.

I am sure you will agree with us that any regular physical activity is very important. Have you ever started some physical activity that you enjoyed and then within time you slowly stopped it? Then we are here to help you. Our training sessions in RESHAPE program takes place in a small group where you don’t compete with each other, and therefore you do not have to worry about not being good enough, the training is about the right approach.

At the same time, thanks to a highly specialized Swim Smooth methodology, we can guarantee the rapid development of swimming skills, which goes hand in hand with an increase in physical fitness and overall energy. For those of you who do not believe that training once a week is enough, well we can tell you that the  Swim Smooth methodology can get you all the way to the world championship in swimming. In video with triathlete David you can see the approach of your coach Gabriela.

That's how it looks at Reshape's squad 

About the team: For advanced and master swimmers,  for whom "Challenge" is their second name and would like to discover and push their limits. The goalfor this group is to participate in the World Championships. No compromises at all.

Conditions: able to swim 400m freestyle or more

Venue of trainings: The pool Strahov, Vaníčkova 2b, Prague 6, 160 00

Terms of lectures:  Thursdays from 7 am to 8 am.

School year term 2019/20: from 16. 9. to 19.12. 2019 and from 6. 1. to 18. 6. 2019 (We do not train on public and spring holidays 17. - 21.2.2020).

Number of lessons per term: 18

Group leader: Gabriela

Number of swimmers in group: max. 6

Conditions: ability to swim 400m and more

Price: One-time admission fee of 900 CZK/lesson, 10 lessons price 700CZK/lessons, which have 12 weeks expiration or half term (18 lessons) for 500 CZK/lesson.

Annual Registration Fee: 1 200 CZK in case of interest in participation in competitions organized by the Czech Association of Swimming Sports (CSPS)

Participations: any time of year. 

Refunds of lessons: Yes, in the pre-paid term in Rehab or Revise Team hours, depending on the capacity of the lane,  number of training sessions of each team and swimming skills of the swimmer.

Swimming Aids: Reshape Training Pack is nescessary part of the program and it contains a Swim Smooth swimming cap, a pullbuoy, a mesh bag, agility paddles, fins 24 – 44. 

Reshape Training and Reopresentative Pack

How much are trainning fees?

Number of trainings Training Total
18 (half term) 490 CZK 8 820 CZK
10 690 CZK 6 900 CZK
1 890 CK x
Annual registration fee
Competitive swimmers only 1 200 CZK

Entry to the pool is  free of charge.

What you should know before you buy season ticket:

You want to try one lesson or attend irregularly? Choose a one-time admission fee of 900 CZK / lesson and never will not fall classes.

Are you thinking to swim longer period of time, but still do not know whether you swim so absorbed that you want to purchase the entire semester? Choose a discounted ticket for 10 lessons price 700CZK / lessons, which have 12 weeks are exhausted. In case of illness or holiday, you can move 2 lessons. With more than 2 Cancellation lessons forfeited. Cancellation lesson is valid until 24 hours before the lesson, otherwise the lesson you expect. This option is available for each program only once.

In the case that you know you will train regularly, you pay a maximum of discounted subscriptions for the entire semester (18 lessons) for 500 CZK / lesson.

Terms & Conditions:

By subscribing and paying for the lessons, the swimmer agrees to the General Terms and Conditions which  are available here.

Method of payment:

By bank transfer to the account 2900399343/2010 of  SWIM SMOOTH CZECH REPUBLIC, z.s at Fio Bank. In a message to the recipient state "your name and surname - Revise".



Should you need more information? Would you like to enroll?

Feel free to contact us at info@swimsmooth.cz or at +420 727 988 955

or follow us on Facebook. Looking forward to meeting you!

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