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MASTERS Program - REHAB squad

A healthy body can even strengthen the human soul...

In our current hectic lifestyle, we often have a tendency to neglect ourselves. We rush about, work many hours and hurry home. At weekends we don’t have enough energy for activities we would actually enjoy doing. Furthermore people suffer from back pain and migraine these days which doesn’t help nor improve our mood. If this sounds like you, then we can help you, by offering the REHAB program - healthy swimming supported by Swim Smooth methodology. The training leader and REHAB Program guarantor is head coach Gabriela, who is also a certified coach of healthy swimming.

This program focuses on health-risk groups of swimmers - the elderly, pregnant women or those who have back pain because of their sedentary job. We focus mainly on backstroke, which naturally leads to strengthening of deep stabilizing muscles of the spine. The basic building block of a lesson consists of professionally guided stretching. We also don’t forget about breathing exercises and improving endurance.

All this takes place in a calm, friendly and motivating atmosphere, at Strahov swimming pool. In other pools such Axa or Šutka, REHAB lessons are conducted as the Program INDIVIDUAL.


About the team: For swimmers who want to swim mainly for health and enjoyment are most likely to use the breaststroke, but learning the the front crawl and backstroke can improve their health even further. 

Conditions: able to swim 100m any style

Venue of trainings: The pool Strahov, Vaníčkova 100/6. Prague 5, 150 00

Terms of lectures:  Thursdays from 7pm.

School year term 2019/20: from 16. 9. to 19.12. 2019 and from 6. 1. to 18. 6. 2019 (We do not train on public and spring holidays 17. - 21.2.2020).

Number of lesson half term: 18

Program leader: Gabriela

Swim coach: Jana

Number of swimmers in lane: max. 6

Price: One-time admission fee of 900 CZK/lesson, 10 lessons price 700CZK/lessons, which have 12 weeks expiration. (This option is available for each program only once in history "customer") or half term (18 lessons) for 500 CZK/lesson.

Participations: any time of year. 

Refunds of lessons: Yes, in the pre-paid term in Revise Team hours, depending on the capacity of the lane,  number of training sessions of each team and swimming skills of the swimmer.

Swimming Aids: Rehab Training Pack is nescessary part of the program and it contains kick desk Classic, a Swim Smooth swimming cap, a mesh bag, fins 35 – 47. 

Rehab Training and Representative Pack

How much is group lesson fee?

REHAB Program
Number of lessons lesson total
half term (18 lessons) 490 CZK 8 820 CZK
10 690 CZK 6 900 CZK
1 890 CK x

Note: Admission to the pool for free.

What you should know before you buy a season ticket?

It is up to you how many times you train – you can attend individual lessons or once you are in customer „history”  you can choose 10 discounted lessons which can be arranged within 12 weeks. This means you can buy a ticket for 10 lessons for 12 weeks. In case of illness, a business trip or a holiday, you can move 2 lessons. Cancellation of a lesson is possible until 24 hours before the lesson. Join the REHAB Program anytime during the semester and the subscription is paid pro rata.
TIP – the most economic option is the subscription with 18 lessons.

Terms & Conditions:

By subscribing and paying for the lessons, the swimmer agrees to the General Terms and Conditions which  are available here.

What is method of payment?

Bank transfer: to the account 2900399343/2010 of SWIM SMOOTH CZECH REPUBLIC, z. s., Fio Bank
In a message for the recipient state: your name and surname - REHAB


Should you need more information? Would you like to enroll?

Feel free to contact us at info@swimsmooth.cz or at +420 727 988 955

or follow us on Facebook. Looking forward to meeting you!

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