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A patient and gentle approach encourages joy for further learning

NOW exclusive discount for swimming courses for kindergartens and primary schools!
Give your students a progressive and fun way to learn and at the same time visible progress in their swimming skills!
When ordering a course before June 30, 2020, the price will be 300 CZK / hour / child.

We approach swimming lessons completely differently. In our swimming lessons, we work with the methodology of Swimming with Plavel and Plavlína, which is specially adapted to children's perception. Under the guidance of our experienced and smiling coaches, accompanied by two small siblings Plavel and Plavlína, the children will become perfectly acquainted with the water and will gradually acquire basic swimming skills that will playfully help them smoothly manage the first independent strokes.

One of our teaching tools are author's poems, which are tailored made to directly relate to the activities performed. We also use pictorial cards to stimulate the senses and a swimming performance diary to motivate.

Thanks to our progressive approach, the lessons are safe, effective and in a positive and respectful atmosphere. We proceed systematically from simpler to more complex in thematic teaching series. The lessons are also very fun thanks to the wide use of swimming aids.

We are used to lead classes in English. We offer lessons in Czech with English words, or the entire lesson in English.


Basic information:

Age category: more than 4 years old

Length of one lesson: 60 min, 45 min or 30 min

Frequency: 1 x a week

Number of lessons: 18 half-yearly or upon agreement

Number of children in the group: a maximum of 5 children per 1 coach

Number of children in the group to start the course: at least 5

Time: after agreement

Mandatory equipment: A5 training diary (your own choice or Swim Smooth orginal), swimsuit, googles, swim cap for girls with long hair, towel

Price Swim Smooth original diary: 200 CZK

Price: CZK 400 / student / 60 min lesson or 300 CZK / pupil / 30 min or 45 min lesson (when there are two lessons in a row). Rent of lane or pool is not included (650CZK/ 60 min/ lane in pool Strahov; 1100CZK/ 60 min pool Aquadream Barrandov).

Place: We recommend Strahov pool and Aquadream Barrandov or other pool which most suits to you


16 reasons to choose Swim Smooth for (pre)school swimming:

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Answers to frequently asked questions (FAQ)

a)      A child has no experience in swimming?

We count on that. Swim Smooth methodology emphasizes on mastering the basic swimming skills, the lessons will be the same for all children, the more experienced children will deepen their skills, while the less experienced will get familiar with it.

b)      A child will not put their head under water?

We count on that too, learning how to put your head under water will be one of the topics of the lesson.

c)       A child cannot swim without swimming aid?

We count on that too. See point a)

d)      A child is already an advanced swimmer?

Children with different levels of swimming skills will be divided into groups. Although the advanced children will practice and deepen their basic swimming skills, they will also work on improving on their swimming; speed, endurance, strength and self-rescue.

Swim Smooth methodology is based on a respectful approach. We offer options to the children and we support their inner motivation to learn how to swim.

It is individual, everyone needs their own time. Our goal is to build solid and secure foundations, rather than pressure them.

During the lessons it is good for parents to watch their progress. We recommend asking children what they have experienced, how they felt, what would they like to improve, what they like / do not like and why. Coaches always appreciate feedback from you and your child. You can encourage their positive attitude to water – “in the tub” or take them to a pool so they can show you everything they have learned.

The water temperature is somewhere between 26 - 28 degrees Celsius depending on the type of public swimming pool.  Heated pools at 28 degrees or more are used for rehabilitation and swimming for infants. Children from 4 years of age have already developed a body thermoregulation system. Pools with higher temperature are not suitable for endurance training. For children sensitive to the cold, we recommend using neoprene swimwear instead of normal swimwear.

In addition to learning, swimming lessons have a positive influence on the general development of the child. Swimming develops versatile physical literacy, encourages the child to adapt to the cold environment, and strengthens their immunity, prevent of drowning and improve comfort in the water. It also deepens socializations skills such us collective awareness, etc.

It is ensured by school facilities at their own expense. If you are interested we can at cost provide someone to accompany your child.

During the lessons our experienced coaches are taking care of the children. The customer ensures presence of another person from pre-school or elementary school to help them change in the locker room, wash them and dry them.

  • Swimsuit
  • Large towel
  • For those with longer hair we recommend swim cap
  • Swimming goggles

This type of lesson doesn’t allow any replacement. Missed lessons will be forfeited.



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