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5 secret tips for swim
on how you, or your children, can get rid of the fear of head immersion

Our approach

Swim Smooth coaching is unique because of

Individual approach

  • Your ideal stroke technique is different from anyone else’s. We identify your individual dispositions and how to best develop and improve your stroke, so as to best suit you and your appropriate racing discipline.
  • Our unique system distinguishes swimmers according to their body type, personality traits and swimming experience. We believe that each swimmer fits into one of the „SWIM TYPES“  BAMBINO, ARNIE, KICKTASTIC, OVERGLIDER, SWINGER, SMOOTH.

Open thinking approach

  • Each day we strive to  be better, so that you can be stronger, faster and more persistent. We exchange THEORETICAL KNOWLEDGE AND PRACTICAL EXPERIENCE with coaches and swimmers of other swim clubs.
  • Our SYSTEM OF TEACHING swimming skills is not dogmatic – WE ADJUST it according to the needs and the biggest flaws that prevent you from developmenting.

Professional approach

  • SWIMMING IS A SCIENCE - prime education, years of experience, and our own racing experience has taught us to recognize, explain and break down individual swimming flaws.

A comprehensive approach

  • Developing your swimming, striking the right balance between fitness development and technique work includes ALL THE SWIMMING TRAINING ELEMENTS such as technique, endurance, strength, speed, regeneration, psychology and tactics.

Effective approach

  • Our simple but powerful CAUSE & EFFECT methodology finds and corrects the cause of your stroke technique issues, and quickly gets you focused on the root of the problem.
  • We only use EFFECTIVE TECHNICAL DRILLS, and focus on their proper implementation.
  • Swim training and racing calendar are PLANNED. Swimmers are not overloaded, nor do we try to make a winner out of you prematurely, at any cost.

Respecting approach

  • We adhere to the EQUAL STATUS OF THE CHILD AND TRAINER. We do not act in a superior manner. We listen. The child and the coach need mutual respect!
  • We build a PARTNERSHIP of COMMUNICATION. We neither judge, nor direct children in a way  that says “YOU'RE WRONG.” Rather, we describe in a way that says “THIS CAN BE DONE BETTER.”
  • WE LISTEN AND EXPLAIN. Feedback is the foundation of every learning experience, as well as of the collective development of coach and child.
  • We build a SAFE AND FRIENDLY ATMOSPHERE. We perceive performance as a shift of personal boundaries, and competition as an opportunity to demonstrate new skills and competencies. Unhealthy comparison and competition leads to hostility, and is a threat to your own values.
  • We work on INTERNAL MOTIVATION. We rationalize and set individual goals together. The key is meaningfulness, and free will to work together.

FUN approach

  • We are passionate about swimming, and we like training to be FUN. We include GAMES. Training is not about drills, chasing kilometres and just swimming from wall to wall. Swimming through joy promotes mental health and long-term dedication to this sport.


More details about the swimming preparation and approach for young children at Swim Smooth is as follows:


We prefer small groups up to 10 swimmers on the lane. For a group of smallest children there are two coaches and at least one is in the water with the children during the whole lesson. We use suitable swimming aids to help them stay above the surface of the water. Great emphasis is placed on adaptation exercises, allowing full and safe managing of the aquatic environment, including the training of skills necessary for self-rescue. For group exercises we use different forms of organization, usually in a circle, which helps the children understand the instructions and creates a supportive environment.


Thanks to two of our coaches we can ensure thorough performance of exercise, where one of the instructors always performs the actual exercise with only one child for the time necessary, while other children practice in a group with another instructor.


Each semester we allow parents to participate in the lesson. We also provide videos which shows the progress of each child, parents can access it on protected web area of our website. Furthermore, we can arrange the acquisition of professional video or photos at lessons.


Swim Smooth is unique in its Australian swimming methodology, which is based on the following four fundamental points:

  • Deep knowledge of the field of swimming
  • The ability to instantly and accurately analyze the problems of technique
  • Clear and simple explanation that leads to correction, that is adjusted to the age and maturity of the child
  • Focusing on eliminating the reason that is holding back a child from improving

In practice, this means that a good coach is one who has a good theoretical knowledge, can determine the cause of the problems and is able to clearly explain everything and choose the correct method of teaching.


Our school differs from others due to the accurate and comprehensive definition of all the basic swimming skills.. Our unique Australian methodology clearly defines these basic swimming skills as:

  • Entry into the water
  • Exit from the water
  • Breathing
  • Experiencing the first movement in water
  • Floating, streamline position, rotation
  • Falls and jumps
  • Orientation underwater, diving
  • Development of a sense of water


Thanks to prolonged and widespread practice of basic skills, children feel more confident in the water which is the base for better learning forever. Appropriately chosen swimming aids do not limit children in movement.


The respectful attitude in our approach to (pre)school institutions means that children are naturally drawn to their own learning method – they just don’t perform thoughtlessly what they are told but they themselves are to some extent involved in choice making about the activities and decision making. At the same time, however, we don’t submit to children, we are responsible for the course of lesson and achieving the objectives.


We make swimming fun by using entertainment and games. In teaching we only use meaningful games and engage all the senses. In lessons we also use songs, rhymes and rhythmic exercises. Teaching is not about drills, we consistently respect the specifics of teaching preschool children.



At Swim Smooth, we build a successful and winning swimming club. We inspire not only our members, but also other swimming clubs, to strive for better swimming and coaching results.



We appreciate all swimmers and swimming experts. Our passion is teaching and improving swimming, along with providing a positive and professional background.


Values and behaviours

  • Swim Smooth is passionate about swimming. Our approach is positive, open, generous, nurturing, pragmatic and free of strict rules and dogma. Every swimmer is important to us, regardless of their ability level.
  • We treat every swimmer as equal, regardless of their ability as a swimmer, and treat every customer as an intelligent human being. We never patronise.
  • The Swim Smooth culture is open-minded and innovative. Our coaches actively develop their coaching practises over time and experience. We are open about sharing them with others.
  • We believe in an ‘athlete-centred approach.’ By this we mean that we consider the needs, goals and feelings of the swimmer, and act solely in those interests at all times. We do not let rigid opinions or self-importance enter the coaching relationship, or affect the advice we offer to swimmers.
  • When coaching, our swimmers receive our undivided attention free of any other distractions or interruptions.
  • We always act in a professional manner, free of offensive behaviour. Specifically, the following are not tolerated: swearing, sarcasm, suggestive remarks, sexual innuendo, personal comments, unwanted approaches, or egotistical behaviour.
  • We respect the physical and personal privacy of customers and colleagues. Specifically this extends to providing private changing at all of our coaching facilities.
  • We respect the opinions of other people, companies and organisations. We may express a differing opinion or approach, but do not make negative statements about any such group, nor do we enter into argumentative behaviour with them.
  • We keep abreast of modern technology where it is relevant to our customers. We are competent users of modern technology such as underwater video analysis, as well as use social media and internet forums for professional Exchange.
  • We never send unsolicited advertising or spam emails.
  • We are helpful and engaging with swimmers who are not yet our customers.
  • At all times, we act in a manner free of prejudice against gender, race, sexuality, disability, social background or age.
  • As is our responsibility under the Health And Safety Law, we always provide a safe and secure environment for anyone visiting the facility or location we are working or coaching in. We never put anyone in danger through our actions.


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