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Masters Program

With a well-assembled training plan, you can push your limits with only 1 x training per week.

Are you a triathlete, a pool swimmer or do you just enjoy swimming? Are you scared at first but excited as well? If you want to improve your technique, push yourself, get back into shape or simply just want to swim in one of the most progressive swim schools in the world, then our program on Tuesday mornings at Strahov is the answer.

To join you must be able to swim 400 meters front crawl and at least a basic mastery of all the other swimming strokes - butterfly, backstroke, and breaststroke.

You can join the MASTERS program any time of the year but one of the conditions of the membership is to regularly attend the training and represent the club at MASTERS swim races organized by the Czech Swimming Federation (ČSPS). Still unsure?  Then read about how the Swim Smooth methodology can get you to World Championship level in swimming. Training takes place at the Strahov pool every Tuesday and Thursday from 7 am. Optimally 6 swimmers per lane.

The Tuesday MASTERS trainings focus on perfecting speed, endurance and strength and are running alongside swimmers in the RESHAPE program. The Thursday MASTERS trainings focus on perfecting technique and are running alongside swimmers in the REVISE program. Tuesday RESHAPE program together with thursday RESHAPE program offer the swimmer more variety.

If you are interested in swimming with MASTERS swimmers and enjoy a friendly and motivating atmosphere, but have no racing ambitions, you can also participate in the training on Tuesdays or Thursdays, if you join RESHAPE or REVISE programs.

Feel free to read on official Swim Smooth website about our route to the World Championship. Impressing reading!

Listen to what our members say about their training:


Motto: Swim Smooth in the purest form - swim with us and reach beyond your limits.

Participations in the program: It is possible to join the program MASTERS any time of year.

Terms of lectures: On Tuesday and Thursday from 7AM

School year term 2018/19: from 11. 9. to 11.12. 2018 and from 8. 1. to 13. 6. 2019 (We do not train on public holidays and spring holiday 14.2.2019).

Number of lesson per term: Tuesdays 18x, Thursdays 18x

Venue of trainings: The Strahov pool, Vaníčkova 2b, Prague 6, 160 00

Coaches: 1

Group leader: Gabriela

Number of swimmers: 6

Conditions: able to swim 400m freestyle and basic ability to swim backstroke, breastroke and butterfly

Refunds of lessons: No

Swimming Aids: Masters Training Pack includes is a nescessary part of a program and it contains a cap, a T-shirt, a pullboy, a mesh bag, agility paddles, instinct paddles, Tempo trainer Pro, fins 34 – 47.


Training fees:

Half term fee
Number of trainings 1st Training
once a week
once a week
2nd traing
twice a week
twice a week
18 x 500 CZK 9 000 CZK 400 CZK 16 200 CZK
Registration fee (calendar year)
1 x 1 200 CZK 


What you should know before you buy a season membership:

It is mandatory to be a member of the club to be able to participate in the competitions organized by the Czech Swimming Federation (ČSPS). Otherwise you can join groups Reshape and Revise. The membership fee is 1,200 CZK for 1 calendar year (beginning 1st January) regardless of the subscription starting month. The membership fee covers the administrative costs to register for competitions and the registration fee for the Czech Swimming Federation (ČSPS). Join the MASTERS Program anytime during the semester and the subscription is paid pro rata. There is no option of cancelling your subscription nor compensations of an individual lesson once paid. Registration fees are also not refunded. Admission to the pool is for free.

Method of payment:

Bank transfer: to the account SWIM SMOOTH CZECH REPUBLIC, z. s., Fio Bank 2900399343/2010

  • for payment of registration fee quote VS in format of school year rrrrrr, for example. 201718 and in the message for the recipient, please state: your name and surname - Registration fee Masters
  • for the payment of the member half term subscription quote VS in format of the school year + number indicating the number of trainings per week rrrrrr01 for example. 20171801 and in the message for the recipient state your name and surname - Member half term subscrition Masters


MASTERS Training and Representative Pack

Join us and swim beyond your limits!

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