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With a well-assembled training plan, you can push your limits with only 1 x training per week

Are you a triathlete, a pool swimmer or do you just enjoy swimming? If you want to improve your technique, push yourself, get back into shape or simply just want to swim in one of the most progressive swim schools in the world, then our Masters program at Strahov pool is the answer. 6 swimmers per lane only.

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REHAB - I am learning freestyle and backstroke

If your goal is to get back in shape and give your body relief from a sedentary job, Thursday's swimming in Strahov pool at 7 pm is the answer. We learn freestyle and backstroke or an article about the Rehab Program in Blesk magazine, click HERE

The head coach presents Rehab training in Blesk

REVISE - I improving all four strokes

Do you enjoy swimming freestyle the most and at the same time would you like to work on other swimming techniques? Come to Strahov pool on Tuesday at 7 am.

No matter what age you start swimming, look at 71-year-old Lada

RESHAPE - I like hard traing but technique too

Are you an advanced swimmer but maybe your technique is poor? Join us for technical-fitness training and get in the kind of shape you have never been in before. Every Thursday at 7 am in Strahov pool.

This is what Reshape training looks like

RACE - I would like to compete

Read about how the Swim Smooth methodology can get you to World Championship level in swimming. Feel free to read on official Swim Smooth website about our route to the World Championship. Impressing reading!

Listen to what our members say about Swim Smooth training:


Basic information:

Participations in the program:  any time of year.

Terms of lectures: On Tuesday and Thursday from 7 am

Number of lesson per half-term: min. 18

Venue of trainings: The Strahov pool, Vaníčkova 2b, Prague 6, 160 00

Number of swimmers: 6 per lane.

Refunds of lessons: yes, during prepaid membership

Swimming Aids: choose necessary items to ease your swimming from ourMasters Training Pack HERE.

Terms and conditions: By subscribing and paying for the lessons, the swimmer agrees to the General Terms and Conditions which  are available HERE.


Training fees:

Half term fee
Number of trainings 1st Training
once a week
once a week
18 x 490 CZK 8 820 CZK
Registration fee (calendar year) for competitors 1 200 CZK 


 Enroll on Masters Program

We do look forward to you!

References from you:

After 25 years of sitting at a computer, when my only sports aktivity was occasionally running for the tram, I had given myself a roundback, shortened hamstrings and fossilized hips, among othert hings. I rejected swimming as a "straightening" activity, because in the only style I mastered – the breastsroke of  "the lady" I usually felt worse than before swimming. But as soon as my daughter started swimming with Swim Smooth and made rapid progress, I thought that I could give swimming another chance, because I was interested in the special REHAB program.Right after the first lesson, I was excited to be able to straighten up. I enjoy using special aids, especially fins, being taught in different ways I would never have thought I could handle, and focusing on the details that make progress fast. After a month, I celebrated when I was able to swim at least once in a lesson (!) 25m without stopping. After another month it was 250 m. When I watch the video from my first lesson today, it's better than the New Year'sEve program (especially for my daughter). Swimming in the REHAB program is, therefore, definitely one of my best decisions.
Lenka, 46 years old

I started going to Revise about two years ago. My goal was to improve the freestyle technique so that I could enjoy swimming in this way and not have to fight with water, as has been the case  so far. In the first individual training session, I found out that there were more shortcomings in my freestyle than I thought. On the other hand, I had already received some advice from Gabriela that made my swimming easier and more pleasant. I started swimming regularly in a group of swimmers of a similar level. Gradually, I began to feel an improvement and it could be said that after a few months, my goal was fulfilled and there seemed to be no reason to continue under professional guidance. However, I continue to this day because, in addition to the obvious improvement, I have noticed one more thing; Because I have a sedentaryjob and work around the clock, I had probléms with my lumbar spine, which returned at relatively short intervals with greater or lesser intensity. During the time I have attended Gabriela-led group-training, which is primarily focuses on swimming technique, my problems have almost disappeared."
Roman, 51 years old

I have been swimming with Swim Smooth for about two years. The great thing about Reshape is that it's a combination of exercise focused on technique and training to increase fitness, making it ideal, for example, as preparation for a race. For me, it's part of the preparation for the half Ironman. Thanks to alternating exercises, one not only improves, but it is also more fun than just swimming. For me personally, swimming in a group is also a big plus. Even if you don't want to do it that day, the team will wake you up and I myself am sometimes surprised by what I swim. Getting up at for 7am training is a bit of a challenge and after an hour I usually climb out of the pool quite settled, but the day then has a completely different charge:)!
Ondra Knot


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