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5 secret tips for swim
on how you, or your children, can get rid of the fear of head immersion

Kids Starter Program

Respecting the needs of children by using a sensitive approach during lessons, creates a safe and happy environment where swimmers become friends with water quickly and allows them to progress.

Do you have children at home aged 4 – 7? Would you like them to be healthy physically, mentally and socially? Swimming lessons in groups are a perfect way for children to obtain all of these. Today we see most swimming schools offer an old style of learning and approach to the children in their education plans and swimming lessons. Sometimes we see lessons that fluctuate between two extremes – excessive drills and pointless games.

Gabriela Minaříková, founder of the Swim Smooth school in the Czech Republic, brings a unique approach to teaching swimming to children of this age. She has a 4-year old daughter herself, and is a professional in training and teaching to swim, and aims to give her daughter only the best. Together with her coaches, who have great pedagogical experience, Gabriela created a unique training plan directly based on the Swim Smooth approach and methodology whilst working with the youngest swimmers.

Children aged between 5 -8 years act and think completely differently to children a few years older. The best way to learn is not through the authority of adult but through friends and peers. That is why we offer a comprehensive swimming program accompanied by our two heroes – Plavel and Plavlína. The coaches use them to describe stories and use poems or songs to make it easier for children to understand the movements. Part of successful learning is the parent’s involvement – the coaches also teach the parents and then they teach their children. There is a significant improvement in their relationship and also in their communication outside the pool.

Words are tailor-made and are directly related to the activity, so children are not forced to say poems that are not related to swimming. Watch how Plavel and Plavlína help teach your children. Have a look at our first lesson with Edita in this article: “How did Plavel and Plavlína wash their faces (Czech version only)”. Once your children have reached the level to move up to a more advanced group, they can join the FUNdamental Blue Team.

About swimming year 2017/18 here

In 2018/19 we are opening

Kids Starter

About the team: (Pre)schoolers - more experienced swimmers  will have fun in the water and feel confident in the water without their parents. The swimming coaches are always in the water and aim to improve basic swimming skills and teach front crawl and back stroke.

When and Where:

Sea Horses - MON 3pm, pool AXA, Prague 1

Crabs - TUE 4pm, pool Aquadream Barrandov, Prague 5

Sea Stars - THU 4pm, pool Aquadream Barrandov, Prague 5

Lenghts of lesson: 60min

Number of children: max 10 children

Age: From 4 to 9 years of age

Conditions: not to worry about water, for those with fear of water we recommend individual lessons

Price: 490 CZK

Registration fee: 1200 CZK per school year

Refund of lessons: Yes

Kids Training Pack: it is nescessary part of the program and it contains Swim Smooth training diary with motivation stickers, Swim Smooth creative colouring book and  Kids Starter t-shirt.



Individual lessons - swimming with parents

Does your little swimmer need to get acquainted with the water? Does he or she can swim less than 12.5 or does still uses a floating aids? Individual lessons are recommended to be taken by our best-trained coaches, who has vas experience with the kids, before joining the group. The number of lessons necessary to get before we can welcome your swimmer in the group always depends on the child's initial skills and abilities. Usually one to ten lessons are sufficient. Smaller children are involved in the group as soon as possible. Collective learning is much more motivating, developes the capacity for social ties and is bringing to children plenty of joy and satisfaction. Our top-notch offer for beginner swimmers is an individual lesson conducted in the water together with the parent when the child is led through the parents and parent through the child. In this way, not only does a lot of comic situations arise but, above all, we teach parents the right fundamentals and the bond between the child and the parent grows. More about individual lessons you can find here and about the Family program here.
We look forward to you!


Top 10 reasons why you should choose to swim with Plavel and Plavlína:

  1. Swim Smooth Methodology – A unique Australian way of teaching a swimming method, outstanding for its complexity and high level of expertise.
  2. The story – which draws children into the learning process and is directly from the Swim Smooth methodology and swimming strokes.
  3. Plavel and Plavlína – our two young heroes and mascots, accompany children through the stories and are used as puppets to demonstrate movement skills.
  4. Teaching methods using all the senses– children are inspired to use all of their senses in a language that is easily understood by children.
  5. The author’s poems – created by us and are directly related to swimming and the exercises.
  6. Creative colouring book – supports awareness of the details of the rehearsed skills beyond the lesson.
  7. Complex program – whole learning is supported not only by poems and colouring but also by a diary and stickers for continuous self-evaluation and “wet certificate”.
  8. Progressive teaching – shows rapid progress, helping parents save money and time.
  9. Parent-child co-operation – strengthens the mutual bond through common experiences.
  10. Coaches teach parents and they teach their children – parent get useful pedagogical information – knowledge that you can use in your own life 


List of Training Dates for School Year 2018/2019

In the 1st term we train from 10. 9. to 17. 12. 2018 and from 7. 1. to 31. 1. 2019, except autumn holidays 29. - 30. 10. 2018 and National holidays.
In the 2nd term we train from4. 2. to 18. 6. 2019, except spring holidays 11. to 15. 2. 2019 and National holidays.


Enroll to Kids Starter

Certificate of Freedom from Infectious diseasesDetailed information about registration and payment

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Kids Training Pack - Choose Items

buttonek training pack



Plavel and Plavlína figures: These dolls are our great friends, they help us to show kids proper way to good swim technique. And kids just love them.




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