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5 secret tips for swim
on how you, or your children, can get rid of the fear of head immersion


The path to perfection is reached through continuous hard work.

Swim Smooth uses a modern, comprehensive and effective method of teaching to swim. It is nothing like you expect a swimming lesson to be. The main element is the individual approach of the coaches towards the swimmers. They take into account the physical and personality of individuals. Primarily, it's a highly effective combination of swimming drills which clearly and immediately allow errors made by the swimmers to be corrected.

The INDIVIDUAL Pro Program focuses on children and adults swimmers and helps them with technique, tactics and psychological preparation which is still overlooked in competitive swimming. If you, as coaches or as active swimmers, encountered a situation where a young swimmer stopped his favourite sport and never reached his full potential, then Swim Smooth can fix and reverse that situation and help you achieve your goals.

Thanks to the openness of the Swim Smooth philosophy, we don’t keep the "know how" to ourselves, but we happily share it. Therefore, active swimmers can benefit and the Swim Smooth motto “The world needs to swim better” can be fulfilled.The INDIVIDUAL Pro Program opens up a new wide range of options which both swimmers and their coaches can benefit from. The basis of this program is individual lessons with co Swim Smooth certified coach Gabriela, direct participation - "hosting" of swimmers in our JUNIOR Program, or participation in the swim camp in Nymburk, which we feel is one of the best on offer in the Czech Republic.  For advanced swimmers there is a very attractive video analysis, and for those  active coaches  interested in current trends in swim training, there are training courses for trainers.

Veronika Tondrová

Abhejali Bernardová



When you can join the Program:
You can join at any time of the year.

Where do we train:
Strahov pool, Vaníčkova 2b, Praha 6, 160 00 
Axa pool, Na Poříčí 40, Praha 1, 110 00

When do we train:
Depends on the agreement between you and your coach. Here is a list of  sessions personally lead by Gabriela, a licensed Swim Smooth coach,  leader of the swim school and swim club.

Mon     4 – 5 pm                 JUNIOR Program (Axa pool)
Tue      7 – 8 am                 MASTERS Program (Strahov pool)
Tue      8 – 9 am                 INDIVIDUAL Pro and VIDEO ANALYSIS (Strahov pool)
Wed     4 – 5 pm                 JUNIOR Program (Axa pool)
Thu      7 – 8 am                 MASTERS Program (Strahov pool)
Thu      8 – 9 am                 INDIVIDUAL Pro and VIDEO ANALYSIS (Strahov pool)

Fee for lesson:
See the price list for fees of individual lessons.  The fee for hosting in the swimming club is also available in the price list.

Cancellation Policy:

Due to strict conditions of pool lane renting conditions is canceling of lesson poosible seven days before the term of training. Cancellation seven days or less before the lesson is charged with the amount of CZK 700,- In case of 24 hours and less cancellation before the lesson is charged with 100% of the training fee.




Should you need more information? Would you like to enroll?

Feel free to contact us at info@swimsmooth.cz or at +420 727 988 955

or follow us on Facebook. Looking forward to meeting you!


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