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Dry Land Workouts

Proper, complex preparation is not “just” about water.

What do you think of "dry preparation"? This is a very important but often neglected part of swimming workouts. As the name suggests, it is not about training in water but in a gym. Dry preparation is one of the components of a complex swimming system.

We focus on versatile exercises for healthy development as well as exercises aimed at improving the actual swimming stroke. We therefore expect to strengthen, stretch and do compensatory exercise in such a way that the quality of our swimming workouts is as high as possible. To the fullest extent, we also use modern exercise features and tools such as TRX, bar, BOSU, kettbell, overball, gymnastic balls and more.

Our Dry Land workouts are divided into monthly phases that are created in accordance with predetermined goals of swimming training.


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What do we bring to the swimmer?

  • Full service training
  • Strengthening and increasing dynamics
  • We teach swimmers to understand their body and take care of it
  • We eliminate the side effects that occur if training is only "volumetric" (ie health problems, overtraining etc.)

General Information

Where we train: Separate gym within the AXAGYM gym, 1st floor, Na Poříčí 40, Prague 1

When we train: Every Wednesday at 5:30 pm (training takes 60 minutes) I. semester: 11 September - 13 December 2017 and 8 - 31 January 2018. II. semester 12. 2. - 18. 6. 2018

We do not train: During the spring holidays: 5 and 7 February 2018

Training capacity: Currently limited to 8 swimmers (priority is given to swimmers participating in all races and divisions)

Lesson substitutions: Upon agreement, you can replace with swimming training at pre-paid membership.

Coach: Michal (fitness instructor)

Training price: 300 CZK / hour with a half-year subscription. You can find payment information HERE.

Required equipment: Soft fitness (indoor) shoes, sportswear, jumping rope.


Our exercises from the point of view of parents

I have to say that, at first, I was sceptical about dryland workouts right after swimming lessons, not just because my daughter is usually pretty tired right after swimming alone. But I liked the fact that children do exercises that directly strengthen and stretch the body parts that they engage in during swimming itself. After half a year of preparation, it is clear that it was the right choice - another kind of exercise in the gym involves children in a different way, yet it supports the swimming techniques they are currently practising in the water. In addition, the children will get to know each other better, and judging from the occasional outbursts of laughter from the gym, there is no boredom. Thanks to Gábi for implementing the dryland workouts - in the current 45 minutes of gymnastics a week at school, it is a meaningful activity that directly supports children when swimming.
Lenka, Šárka’s mother.


Would you also like to encourage swimming by targeted dryland workouts? Just fill out the JUNIOR application by clicking on the link below and hurry with us to the gym!

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Looking forward meeting you!


 And that´s how it looks when we train


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Do you want to try out what a sophisticated exercise looks like without torture?

Feel free to contact us at info@swimsmooth.cz or on +420 727 988 955 or follow us on Facebook.

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