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Career - we are seeking swim coach

Being a good coach means a never-ending journey of self-development and a willingness to teach and learn.

We are a private swim school and swimming club for children and adults, which is known for its individual approach to clients and team spirit with each other. We offer comprehensive programs; learning how to swim, rehab and fitness swimming lessons for individuals and groups.

We train using the efficient Australian method Swim Smooth. Prior to your first lesson we like to learn about the client´s previous swimming experience, we assess body shape and personal traits, which then forms the basis for mastering a swimming stroke.

We adapt the swimming stroke for each client according to their ability. To help improve the technique, we focus not only on the errors, but also on their causes.

We are looking for:

Experienced trainers who are looking to change their career.

Former athletes who would like to dedicate their time to training at the highest possible level.

Physical education College students.

"Open-mind" people who enjoy new challenges.

We are NOT looking for:

Coaches, who feel they have enough experience and do not want to change their methods.

Those who are single-minded.  

Someone who does not believe being a swim coach is more than an ordinary job.

We offer:

  • Position of coach
  • Training using the Swim Smooth methodology
  • Working on DPP or on your IČ, first as a trainee, after training individual work with clients
  • Fixed remuneration
  • Long-term collaboration and career growth

We require:

  • Enthusiasm for teaching to swim
  • At least 1 year’s experience in managing lessons in sport
  • Course of minimum III Level swim coach, ideally from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport (FTVS)
  • Willingness to travel to a client (Prague region)
  • Maximum flexibility in time (Mon-Sun 7am-7pm)
  • Ability to create a training plan and written preparation for individual lessons
  • Excellent English speaker
  • Respect for the principles of swimming schools and the Swim Smooth methodology
  • Co-creating a positive image of the swimming school
  • Active approach and creativity
  • Long-term interest

More information:

If you are interested in this position, please send your CV, with an accompanying cover letter directly to the head coach gabriela@swimsmooth.cz




Should you need more information? Would you like to enroll?

Feel free to contact us at info@swimsmooth.cz or at +420 727 988 955

or follow us on Facebook. Looking forward to meeting you!