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Swimming training Plavani s Plavlem a Plavlínou is progressive because of


We prefer small groups up to 10 swimmers on the lane. For a group of smallest children there are two coaches and at least one is in the water with the children during the whole lesson. We use suitable swimming aids to help them stay above the surface of the water. Great emphasis is placed on adaptation exercises, allowing full and safe managing of the aquatic environment, including the training of skills necessary for self-rescue. For group exercises we use different forms of organization, usually in a circle, which helps the children understand the instructions and creates a supportive environment.


Thanks to two of our coaches we can ensure thorough performance of exercise, where one of the instructors always performs the actual exercise with only one child for the time necessary, while other children practice in a group with another instructor.


Each semester we allow parents to participate in the lesson. We also provide videos which shows the progress of each child, parents can access it on protected web area of our website.


A good coach is one who has a good theoretical knowledge, can determine the cause of the problems and is able to clearly explain everything and choose the correct method of teaching. Coaches at or school and club are following four fundamental points:

  • Deep knowledge of the field of swimming
  • The ability to instantly and accurately analyze the problems of technique
  • Clear and simple explanation that leads to correction, that is adjusted to the age and maturity of the child
  • Focusing on eliminating the reason that is holding back a child from improving


Our school differs from others due to the accurate and comprehensive definition of all the basic swimming skills.. Our unique Australian methodology clearly defines these basic swimming skills as:

  • Entry into the water
  • Exit from the water
  • Breathing
  • Experiencing the first movement in water
  • Floating, streamline position, rotation
  • Falls and jumps
  • Orientation underwater, diving
  • Development of a sense of water


Thanks to prolonged and widespread practice of basic skills, children feel more confident in the water which is the base for better learning forever. Appropriately chosen swimming aids do not limit children in movement.


The respectful attitude in our approach to (pre)school institutions means that children are naturally drawn to their own learning method – they just don’t perform thoughtlessly what they are told but they themselves are to some extent involved in choice making about the activities and decision making. At the same time, however, we don’t submit to children, we are responsible for the course of lesson and achieving the objectives.


We make swimming fun by using entertainment and games. In teaching we only use meaningful games and engage all the senses. In lessons we also use songs, rhymes and rhythmic exercises. Teaching is not about drills, we consistently respect the specifics of teaching preschool children.


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